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The Little Life Lab

July 2018

Hands-on science fun for kids

Come and join us for 2 weeks of science-based fun for kids with SciencePlay Kids!

In Week 1 we will be learning about Our Amazing Bodies. 

Learn about:
- how your bodies' inbuilt defence system protects you from germs and viruses; and
- how your body turns food into energy - and why eating healthy and nutritious food is so important. 

In Week 2 we are learning about Protecting the Planet.

We share our habitat with many animals and plants. So it's important to know about and take care of these other species and the world around us.

All activities are drop-in, no bookings required. Entry is $2 per participating child.

Produced for Woodgrove Shopping Centre


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Monday 2 July - Friday 7 July

Monday 9 July - Friday 13 July


Woodgrove Shopping Centre

533 - 555 High Street, Melton