Learning about science in the school holidays



Award-winning scientist Dr Lorien Parker from SciencePlay Kids hosted two weeks of fun and informative workshops for curious minds at Woodgrove Shopping Centre over the July winter school holidays.

Wheelie Good Fun produced the event in collaboration with SciencePlay Kids.

The program included:

Week 1 - Our Amazing Bodies

Children learned how the human body’s immune system works, how our bodies turn food into energy and why healthy eating is important through three activity stations.

• VIRUS SPLAT Pom-pom virus splats are fun to make and an even better way to learn how the body defends against germs.

• EIGHT METRE INTESTINE Kids will be amazed by just how much their intestines can hold in this life-sized, dot-to-dot activity.

• COLOUR-IN ECO-BAGS Kids discover the digestive system by learning names and function all on colour in take-home printed bags.

Week 2 - Protecting the Planet

Children learned about nature’s incredible colour spectrum and how it can be found in things like plants and rocks. We also discussed how we can take better care of the oceans by using bubbles instead of balloons. The three activity stations were:

• WILD COLOURS Plants are rich in pigments which kids will learn how to extract from beetroot and spinach.

• IS IT FRUIT OR IS IT VEG? Did you know potato is a stem? Or that broccoli is a flower? 

• BUBBLES OVER BALLOONS Dr Loz showed why bubbles are a more environmentally friendly choice than balloons. 

Produced for Woodgrove Shopping Centre